Replacement vs Renewal

    There is often confusion when placing your vote for a replacement levy - will this increase my taxes? A renewal levy is a renewal of a current levy that is due to expire; thus your taxes will not increase if this levy is passed. On the other hand, a replacement levy is replacing the current effective millage with the effective millage when it was first passed. For example, Marlington Local Schools has an 8.5 mill Replacement Levy on the ballot May 4th. 3.61 mills are the current effective rate (renewal portion); where 4.89 is the replacement mills which will increase your taxes. When you place your vote May 4th, please keep in mind that your taxes will go up due to the 4.89 replacement mills - if you own a $200,000 home, this will cost you less than 90 cents a day. Thank you and until next time, may you enjoy the Spring weather we've been waiting on for so long. Sandy Moeglin


    Erika Lukens-Yoder
    Apr 14, 2010

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