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Technology Day Signup is now available!

Dear Staff,

The much anticipated online signup for the June 12th Technology Professional Development day is now open! In this email you will find information about this day including session titles, session descriptions and session presenters. Please read the attached brochure and then visit the online signup to get yourself registered. Before you do this, please read some important information about the signup process and the professional development day itself.

1. Each session will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long. During this time, the first 30-40 minutes will be spent introducing the topic. The remainder of the time will be spent allowing the attendees to practice what they just learned and create some materials that can be used in your classroom.

2. If you have a school issued laptop you MUST bring it with you. If you do not have a school issued laptop, one will be made available for you.

2. Each session is going to be limited to 20 people. The primary reason is to ensure that the presenter can adequately assist the attendees during the hands-on time of the sessions. For this reason, pre-registration is required.

3. We will have giveaways as mentioned in a previous email. You will be entered once for each session you attend. The winners will be drawn at the end of the day. All items that are being given away are intended for use within your classroom. The items will remain property of Marlington Local Schools and must be returned should you cease to work for Marlington in the future.

4. You will need your Marlington Local Schools google apps user name and password to signup. In most cases, this is the same as your Marlington User Account information. If you run into trouble logging in to sign up, please file a trouble ticket. If you have further problems, you can see your building Technology Assistant for further help.

5. Once you have completed registering, you will get an email with confirmation of the classes for which you signed up. This email should be kept for future reference. It also has a link on it to edit your choices. If you check your email via webmail, you need to make sure it is configured right to correctly view the confirmation email. Follow this link to make sure your webmail is configured right:

Here is the link to the online signup and the brochure:

Download file "2012TechDayBrochure.pdf"

I wanted to thank you again for reading this email. A lot of time and effort is being put into this day and I know you will walk away from each session with a better understanding of the topic and the tools needed to integrate the topic in your classroom. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any member of the technology team. Have a great day!


Technology Professional Development Day

I have attached the Flyer with information about our Technology Professional
Development Day.  It contains information about times, location, and what session
topics we hope to offer.  We working to offer as many as 7 topics each session time.
The exact schedule and course descriptions will be released asap.  Registration
information will also be released soon.  If you have not already taken the Survey I
sent out this morning, please do so.  This information will help us determine how
many times to offer each topic as well as if we need to add any session topics to
our list.  This information is very helpful.  I have included the link below. If you
have any questions or comments please feel free to email me. Have a great week!

PD Topic Survey:
Download file "ProfessionalDevelopmentFlyer.pdf"


Technology Professional Development Survey

The June 12th technology professional development day is quickly approaching. As we look to prepare this day we are wanting some feedback from you. Please follow the link below and complete a brief survey. This survey is about potential topics that we are planning on offering on June 12th. It will help us finalize the topics as well as how many sessions to offer. Thanks for you time.


Technology Information

As we approach the end of the year I am going to be sending out regular informational emails. These emails will contain information about upcoming events and anything else you may need to know. If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or any of the other technology team members.

In an email you received from Anna Minor yesterday there was a brief blurb about the June 12th Technology Professional Development day. We are working hard to plan a day full of sessions based around using technology in your classroom. We are structuring each session to provide hands on time as well as demonstration of the tool. During the hands on time you will be able to work on creating a lesson using the new tool you have learned about. Our goal is to have you walk out of each session with the information necessary to begin creating lessons for the next school year. You are strongly encouraged to bring ideas with you to start your first lesson in the session! Our hope is that by doing this in June you can be working on implementing these tools in your lessons over the summer for next school year. We will have more information about this day in the near future. This information will contain specifics about the day and individual sessions.

As allows, if you have any questions please feel free to email me or any technology team member.


Laptop re-image schedule

Thanks again for taking the time last month to complete the laptop survey. After reviewing the results we will be collecting the laptops over the summer according to the following schedule:
  • Laptop Re-image Schedule
    • June 11th -- High School Drop Off June 29th -- High School Pickup
    • July 2nd -- Middle School Drop Off July 16th -- Middle School Pickup
    • July 16th -- Lexington Drop Off July 30th -- Lexington Pickup
    • July 30th -- Washington Drop Off August 6th -- Washington Pickup
    • August 6th -- Marlboro Drop Off August 20th -- Marlboro Pickup
It is really important to the entire process that you turn in your laptop on the designated day. If you work in multiple buildings feel free to choose the dates that work best for you. If you would like to turn in your laptop on the last day of school you may still do so. Your laptop will still be worked on during the assigned week according to what building you work in. Finally, if you have a conflict with the assigned week please contact me directly and we will work out an alternative for you. This will be on a case by case situation. Thanks again for understanding this is necessary and working with us to better serve you.

--Marlington Technology Team


The results are in.....

First of all I want to thank everyone who took the survey about laptops. I really appreciate you taking time to give me your input. This input definitely had impact on what we decided to do.

Collecting laptops is a necessary task. It is a task that is definitely time consuming for the technology team. However it allows us to better assure every laptop has the most up to date software it can run. During this time we can also perform any hardware upgrades that are needed as well. That said, I know it is a burden for any staff member to be without their school laptop, even in the summer months. That is why I wanted to get your opinion about what would be the best option for you as to when we collect the laptops.

We have received over 100 responses to the survey and this gives us a good sample of data to make this decision. The answers to when to collect the laptops was fairly evenly spit across the district. The option that was most often selected was Option 2 (Turn your laptop in during the summer with each building having a predetermined 2 week period) with 41% of the replies. There was also a lot of replies for option 3 (turn the laptops in when you check out in June and get the laptops back some time in the summer) which received 25% of the replies. Because of this we will be collecting the laptops this summer. We will be working on a schedule so that each building will know when they need to turn in their laptop. You will still have the option to turn in your laptop at the end of school year when you check out. If you are unable to turn in your laptop when you are scheduled, we will make arrangements with you (on an individual basis) to schedule you for another two week period. Possible acceptable reasons for needing to reschedule include the following.
  • Taking a summer class during the two week assigned turn in time.
  • Working in the summer migrant program at Marlboro
As soon as the schedule is released, please contact me (Gary Bush) in writing immediately so we can make accommodations where appropriate.

Thanks again for taking the time to complete this survey. Over the coming weeks I will be writing more blog entries about this process and any information you may need about upcoming changes. Have a great week!

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Staff Laptop Survey

If you have a Marlington issued laptop please continue reading this email and follow the link to fill our a quick survey.

As we approach the end of the school year, the technology department is beginning to plan for the regular maintenance that must occur. This year we are again going to be collecting staff laptops to perform necessary system and software updates to machines. I understand this process does cause some inconveniences to you and this is why I have created a brief survey. This survey will collect necessary information to help us determine how and when to collect staff laptops. Our goal is to create as little distractions as possible during this process. Please follow the link below to take this survey.
Results from this survey will be shared at a later time along with the time schedule for Laptop collection. If you have any questions please fell free to contact me. I also will be emailing information about any changes that will occur as a result of software and system upgrades that will be done.

Thanks in advance for taking this survey and working with the Technology Department as we work to provide you with the best computer experience possible.


My Video is Upside Down!

If you use your mobile device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) to record video you will inevitably encounter this problem. You bring the video into the computer and it is upside down or sideways. Well, fortunately there is a quick and easy solution.


Changing Printer Driver for Lexington Office Printer

We just replaced the old Xerox Phaser office printer this morning. Because of this, a setting will need changed on your staff laptop in order to be able to print. Please follow the below steps to make the change and then try printing again. If you are uncomfortable, please see Diane or another member of the technology team to assist you.

1. Click on the apple menu and choose system preferences.

2. The following window should appear.

3. On the second ling (Hardware), click on the second to last icon (Print & Fax).

4. This should bring up a list of all the printers installed on your laptop. Scroll down the list on the left side and click on the Lexington Office printer.

5. Click on the Options & Supplies button.

6. Then click on click on the Driver tab.

7. Then click on the drop down list next to 'Print Using....', which is at the top of the window. Then choose 'Select Printer Software...'

8.In the little search box at the top of this window, type 4650. Select the option that appears and click OK button.

9. Click on again and then close the system preferences window.

10. Print something to the office printer to verify it works.


Printing without a computer to the Copiers

Below are the steps to print at the copier from a flash drive:


Day 2

Today's sessions started at 8 am. The first session was very informative and provided a lot of food information. The keynote speaker for the day had a lot of good information that everyone in attendance needed to hear and be aware of. However his decision to read his speech and have no audio visual prevented many from catching the key points. In fact by the end of the session, probably only 15% of the people where left in the room. Kind of disappointing. However, if you had not prior knowledge, I can see how it would have been easy to tune hime out. Also, the topic was a very polarizing issue. All in all the topic choice and speaker choice were good since the day focuses on Tech Coordinators, however a better delivery method would have engaged more people.

Now on to the next session.


Morning Sessions.......

Got a chance to grab a bite to eat, which is always good. The sessions this morning were all in all good. I really liked the first session about flipping the classroom. The teacher who presented offered some good ideas. The keynote speaker for the day was a super-inteligent man who offered a glimpse into the future of what Technology may look like. He also challenged us to invest into the leaders of tomorrow and also stressed how important education is. The third session was about assessing digital content. I learned more about the Ohio Resource Center ( website. Good content aligned to the Ohio Standards. That brings us to lunch time and a quick break.


Monday Morning

As with nearly every Monday morning, it was a bit slow going to get started. However, we all made it to breakfast and to the first session of the day. I am hoping everyone sees at least 1 really good idea today that they can take back to their respective building and share with their teachers. As the technology leaders of the district, we try to immerse ourselves in technology as much as we can in order to better assist everyone else. Stay tuned for recaps throughout the day!


eTech Conference 2012

As I am reviewing the schedule for tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to add our first blog entry for this years conference. There are many interesting sessions that I will be attending this week and am focusing my efforts on blended learning, flipping the classroom and iPads in the classroom sessions. I am also planning to touch base with several vendors and as usual keeping my eyes open for new an exciting things that I can take back to Marlington. Stay tuned for updates throughout the week!


Network Outage on Thursday, December 29th


This message is intended to serve as a reminder that we will be installing an upgrade to our core switch on Thursday, December 29th. This work will begin early in the morning and proceed until it is completed. We anticipate that the task will take approximately 4 hours to complete. During this time, all of our servers and the wide area network will be unavailable for your use.

David Forman


Discovery Education (United Streaming)

Login to discover education, click on profile link in upper right, click on my preferences tab (left side), then set media type selection to Quicktime (flash should work as well), then click submit.

(more detailed instructions to follow later).


My email is not sending?

I have run into this question several times in the lsat week. If your receiving email but email will not send check the following settings to make sure your out going server settings are correct. If you do not feel comfortable doing this or at any time get to a point were you are not sure, contact a technology team member and they will assist you.

  1. Open Mail app
  2. Click on the Mail menu at the top and choose Preferences.
  3. Click on the Accounts button in the toolbar.

  4. Make sure your mail account is selected (in most cases there will only be one Account).

  5. Near the bottom look for Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) and click on the drop down box and click on 'Edit SMTP Server List...'

  6. Select the Server that is in use by your account.

  7. Click on the advanced button

  8. Make sure the Authentication drop down box says 'MDS Challende-Response'. If it does not Click on the drop down box and choose it.

  9. In the User Name and Password you should enter your marlington/email user name and password.
  10. Make sure the check box next to Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is checked. This check box is directly above the Authentication drop down box.

  11. Click OK
  12. Close preferences by clicking the little red dot in upper left corner.
  13. Quit Mail and relaunch Mail.
  14. Messages should now send properly.
If you are still having problems, contact a technology team member.


Out of office reply in Mac Mail

In a quick web search I found this article explaining how to setup auto reply in mac mail.

The only additional step I would add is that after you click ok in the last step, Mail asks if you want to apply this rule to the selected mailbox, choose no. It will then only get applied to new messages received. Otherwise it applies to all messages, old and new in the Inbox or what ever mailbox you have selected.


HS and MS wireless

The wireless project is mostly complete for the Middle School and High School. We have the new equipment is installed and running. The first thing you will notice when you come in and try to connect to the wireless is there are three names that will come up in available networks: Marlington_Staff, Marlington_Student, and Marlington_Public. All Marlington owned equipment needs to be connecting to the Marlington_Staff or Marlington_Student network (Staff devices to the Marlington_Staff and student devices to the Marlington_Student network). The Marlington_Staff and Marlington_Student networks are WPA2 password protected. In order to get connected to the proper network you will need to see a member of the technology team to get connected. In the mean time you can connect to the Marlington_Public network till you can track on of us down.

Follow this link ( to watch a quick video to learn how to connect to the Marlington_Public wireless network. All personal devices (non-Marlington owned) need to always connect to the Marlington_Public network. For the time being, you can connect to the Marlington_Public wireless network just like you did with the Marlington owned equipment. But we are asking you to please register your personal device(s) with the technology department. On the staff information page (Follow this link to get the form to register your personal device, you can download a form and fill in the relative information so we have record of your personal device. Some time during the 1st nine weeks we intend to turn off this open wireless option. If you do not have your personal device registered by this time, you will not be able to access the public wireless.

If you have any questions please contact a member of the Technology Team and we will work to help you as best we can.